E Entertainment Celebrity Facelifts

Dr. Neil Gordon Facial Plastic Surgeon interviewed on E Entertainment on celebrity facelifts from Cher to Marilyn Monroe.

Michael Jackson

Plastic surgery experts analyze the shocking transformation of Michael Jackson’s appearance and how he stands as a prime example of taking plastic surgery too far.


Dr. Gordon discusses Cher’s ever-changing appearance – “We can watch her evolution and almost mark it as this was 60’s, this was 70’s, this was 80’s, this was 90’s. Lots of [surgeries] over a lot of time.

Linda Tripp

In the 90’s, the famous White House staffer underwent a huge makeover after being criticized by the media – “She was cast as a very negative figure, in addition to coming to the table with not the best aesthetics as far as her nose and chin were concerned.

Ivana Trump

Ivana Trump The former Mrs. Trump is a shining example of graceful, successful plastic surgery – “Ivana looks good, she looks feminine, she still looks like herself. So I think she had very appropriate work, and she’s out there enjoying it.””

Axel Rose

Dr. Gordon discusses how the difference in Axel Rose’s appearance after plastic surgery was very obvious – “When he was younger he had very hooded eyes and now you see wide eyes.

Marilyn Monroe

Dr. Gordon discusses early plastic surgery practices – “Plastic surgery that goes back into the 1940’s was very primitive.

Bruce Jenner

The olympian’s plastic surgery missed the mark, according to Dr. Gordon – “Bruce Jenner looks different.

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