The Midface Lift

As the name states, a midface lift affects the midface region (from under the eyes to the jawbone). Replacing the out-dated minilift, this cosmetic surgery procedure uses a more limited version of the deep-plane technique and is aimed at people with earlier, more isolated facial aging changes. Patients are typically in their late 30’s to 40’s.

Since a smaller region is being treated shorter incisions lines are needed. But similar to the standard deep-plane technique, only the deeper layer is repositioned and tightened, avoiding any pulling on the skin layer. Natural results are ensured.

This technique is effective in restoring the fat pads on the cheekbone, producing a more “mounded,” youthful cheek. This lift also diminishes the nasolabial fold and facial hollows more than the SMAS facelift does. The midface lift does not affect the jowls or neck; nor does it involve the removal of loose skin in the neck, which is done with a full deep-plane facelift. Since a smaller region of the face is affected, recovery can be quicker, often less than two weeks.