Lip Augmentation

As we enter our late thirties, our lips begin to shrink slightly. They become thin and pale as we age. Women tend to form vertical lines in the skin above the lip. Lip augmentation is a procedure in which the lips are made fuller and smoother by the insertion of an implant or implant materials. An augmentation may include the entire lip or may be used only on the borders of the lips. In some cases, the augmentation may smooth fine wrinkles around the lips. There are several types of implant materials. Implants may be injectable fillers, which are temporary, or they may be made of solid material, and are permanent.

With the advancement of soft tissue fillers and experience with the problems and limitations with solid implants, lip augmentation is best achieved using fillers.

Often the reason why we perceive are lips shrinking is not a lip problem. As gravity affects the facial soft tissue causing it to sag into a lower position, the lower face becomes wider, square or bottom heavy. Since our lips are part of this region, as our lower face becomes wider at the bottom the lips or mouth appear smaller. Sophisticated facelifts recreate a fuller lip appearance by repositioning the sagging facial tissue back to the cheekbone region, narrowing the bottom part of our face making the lips appear fuller without altering the lips.