Andrew N. Kornstein, MD, an innovative specialist with a feel for youth and beauty, offers unique solutions in breast and body procedures at the Retreat at Split Rock. His discerning eye and experience-derived innovations allow Dr. Kornstein to customize standard procedures, providing more consistent and natural outcomes. Patient specific details will be discussed during the consult.

Breast Surgery

  • Breast implants are available in round-shape with smooth or textured surfaces, and anatomic-shape with textured surfaces. The merits of each implant option is discussed with patients but the final (best)choice is dependent on the patient’s desired aesthetic outcome, their underlying anatomy, prior breast implant procedures and access incision preference.In the operating room, despite over 25 years of experience, Dr Kornstein relies on implant sizers that allow the surgeon to see a near final result (seen after healing), because the influences of rib curvature and contour as well as differential breast tissue are hard to diagnose prior to surgery.
  • Natural dermal matrixes (SERI®/ Strattice®) act as ‘internal bras,’ creating more predictable results and enhance longevity of the result. Breast implants are intended to augment the existing breast; however, many women have little or no breast tissue because of the stresses of age, pregnancy, weight loss and previous surgeries. By weakening the breast supportive anatomy, implants are less predictable and fraught with complications such as capsular contracture (hardening) and malposition (asymmetry). Dr Kornstein authored a peer reviewed journal article on the pre-operatively identification of these high risk patients so that they can be treated properly at surgery, minimizing or obviating the need for revisional surgery.
  • Fat grafting – Dr Kornstein is a well-recognized pioneer and expert in the technique and aesthetics of fat grafting with over 20 years’ experience. Since the success of fat grafting is highly dependent on the physicians technique and three dimensional eye, his expertise in invaluable. Fat grafting can be used in combination with implants or as a stand-alone augmentation procedure, for the breast and décolleté. Fat grafting is best utilized when the patient’s desire is to change breast shape (widen the breast base), enhance cleavage, optimizing symmetry between the breasts or to reduce the appearance of skin and bone derived décolleté’ aging. Fat grafting adds a femininity and softness to a woman’s chest, more than just implants, and the entire region is aesthetically improved with anti-aging added for good measure.Women with scoliosis are nearly impossible to symmetrize because of rib asymmetry without the use of fat grafting. In addition, congenital breast shape issues such as tubular breasts can be effectively treated with fat grafting and scar less (needle) ligament release. Growth factors derived from fat grafts are excellent for revising breast reduction scars or radiation damage after breast cancer. The fat graft donor site(s) is chosen in consultation with the patient, leaving it reshaped, refined and aesthetically enhanced.
  • Mastopexy is medical terminology for breast lift. However, mastopexy is primarily an operation of the soft tissue envelope of the breast, reducing excess skin, adjusting nipple areola size and position as well as optimizing shape (perkiness). This is most often accomplished through a “lollipop” incision. Modern mastopexy techniques use the breast tissue as clay, reshaping the breast from within. SERI Surgical Scaffold® bolsters the strength of the breast tissue architecture with your own collagen, enhancing longevity of the mastopexy procedure.Another option for many patients is the use of Ultherapy® to control breast skin excess and nipple/areolar position. This technique, pioneered by Dr Kornstein, employs focused ultrasound to non-invasively tighten skin, while improving skin quality, thereby controlling nipple areola position.
  • The aging male chest typically displays a loss of firmness and tone of the skin, descent of the nipple, enlargement(and feminization) of the breast, loss of pectoral definition and fat accumulation under the axilla(arm pits). In certain circumstances, the breast gland is also enlarged (1% of all breast cancers are in men) and can be treated via a highly aesthetic incision around the areola. A powerful combination of Ultherapy® and lipoplasty can rejuvenate the male chest. Fat grafting is an excellent adjunct, providing more youthful pectoral definition.