Andrew N. Kornstein, MD, an innovative specialist with a feel for youth and beauty, offers unique solutions in breast and body procedures at the Retreat at Split Rock. His discerning eye and experience-derived innovations allow Dr. Kornstein to customize standard procedures, providing more consistent and natural outcomes. Patient specific details will be discussed during the consult.

Body Surgery

  • Brachioplasty (arm lift) can be accomplished with non-surgical skin tightening, or surgically with an axillary (arm pit) incision or the conventional incision. However, healing time, scar quality and longevity of the result are perceptibly different with Dr Kornstein’s published SERI Surgical Scaffold® technique.
  • Bra strap/back incision employs an incision in the bra line for back rolls not amenable to lipoplasty or non-surgical skin shrinkage.
  • Abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) Conventional abdominoplasty is routinely accompanied by lipoplasty and provides access for the treatment of umbilical and abdominal wall hernias if required.
  • Reverse abdominoplasty places the incision under the breast fold, which sometimes crossing midline (scar quality is markedly improved with the use of SERI Surgical Scaffold®). It elongates shapes and thins the abdomen and waist, not unlike a facelift for the mid-section.
  • Thigh buttock lift is most commonly employed to elevate and tighten loose buttock and thigh tissues, smoothing cellulite to just above the knee. This surgical procedure can also be used as a means of autologous buttock augmentation—employing the redundant skin and fat to enhance buttock size and shape. Ultherapy® also smooths and elevates the thigh and buttock tissues non-operatively.
  • Knee, calf and ankle lipoplasty sculpts and defines the lower leg region.
    Fat grafting augments and symmetrizes undersized calves.