The Inn and Spa at The Retreat at Split Rock was bourne of a deep and abiding commitment to satisfy an individual’s total wellbeing, outer beauty in harmony with inner peace. The luxurious Inn is located within this historic, secluded landmark property in Wilton, Connecticut that is The Inn and Spa at The Retreat at Split Rock.

Upon arrival at The Inn, you will find your every need anticipated and every wish granted, all within the tranquility and privacy that is this elegant country estate, The Inn and Spa at The Retreat at Split Rock. The two beautifully appointed suites and charming cottage all welcome you with their elegant comforts, and views of our pond, brook and soft willow trees complete this serene and very private setting. Our professional caregivers will assure your well-being. Talk with your personal chef and have your favorite dinner placed before you, let us arrange for your massage or facial at the adjoining Spa, allow our staff to assemble all that you desire. From private airports, the finest restaurants, and acquiring tee times for significant others, all attainable for you here at The Inn and Spa at The Retreat at Split Rock. The Inn staff will make every amenity available to you. This is a special place where one can luxuriate in peace, safety and total privacy.

Even with all these comforts at The Inn there is more. The finest in nursing care and professional staff provide the ultimate in post-surgical care, giving each individual the attention they need, and want. There is a quiet comfort in knowing that this nurturing environment will remove all feelings of uncertainty and doubt. This is a place where all your needs are anticipated and made ready for you. Let go, allow the process of healing to happen in this wonderful place while professionals provide you with superb care. There is never a need to rely on friends or family, nor is this a public place that exposes you to the jostle and noise of the outside world. This is a place of nurturing, in an environment that maximizes the healing process and removes all feelings of hesitation. Within these walls, with our professional staff of caregivers, is the ideal place where mind, body and soul come together in spirit to rest, restore, and regenerate.

Be pampered. Luxuriate. Rejuvenate in comfort with the finest care.

Disclaimer: I also understand that Neil A. Gordon, M.D., P.C. (Split Rock Surgical Associates), has no financial interest in the Inn at The Retreat at Split Rock. Use of the Inn is voluntary and the Inn in no way represents itself or should be construed as a medical recovery unit. The use of the Inn for discharged patients is provided by the lessee, NES Services LLC, as an option for patients seeking convenience and privacy.