Neil A. Gordon, M.D.

Dr. Neil A. Gordon

Dr. Neil A. Gordon is a member of a small, elite group of facial plastic surgeons. That is, he only performs surgery of the head and neck.

Dr. Gordon’s specialty is facial rejuvenation and rhinoplasty. As an expert in his specialty, his skill is internationally recognized in both primary procedures and revision, or secondary procedures.

Dr. Gordon’s credentials are superior. After graduating from Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York with highest honors, including Alpha Omega Alpha Medical Honor Society and the Rudin Foundation Scholar Award, he then completed his Internship in General Surgery and Residency in Otolaryngology/Head and Neck Surgery, at Yale School of Medicine. At Yale he received awards for his research and was honored for his clinical skills by the Yale Surgical Society. He then earned the prestigious Fellowship in Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at Tulane University School of Medicine under the instruction of world-renowned facial plastic surgeon, Calvin M. Johnson, M.D. Along with his academic honors and scholarships, Dr. Gordon is one of a select few surgeons to achieve double board certification by both the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and the American Board of Otolaryngology.

He is a Fellow of the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, the American College of Surgeons, and The American Academy of Otolaryngology/Head and Neck Surgery, as well as a member of The Yale Surgical Society, Connecticut State Medical Society and the Fairfield County Medical Society.

A Yale clinical faculty member since 1996, Dr. Gordon’s expertise has been further recognized by his appointment to Director, Head and Neck, Aesthetic Surgery in the Section of Otolaryngology, in the Department of Surgery at the Yale School of Medicine. He adds this to his existing responsibilities at Yale of Coordinator, Residency Education in Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and Clinical Assistant Professor of Surgery.

Acknowledged by both fellow physicians and the public, Dr. Gordon is honored as a “top physician” in many publications. This year he was named one of America’s Best Doctors by US News and World Report and, for the 7th straight year, one of the Top Doctors in the New York Metro Area by Castle Connelly Ltd. He’s been profiled multiple times in Westport, Greenwich and New Canaan (Connecticut) Magazines’ “Top Doctor Issues” and “Top 101 Doctors.” Castle Connelly Medical Ltd. is recognized internationally for identifying the finest doctors for their specialized expertise. Dr. Gordon has also been recognized by Best Doctors in America: The Guide to America’s Top Physicians: Consumer Research Council of America. In a recent news release, “Cambridge Who’s Who” announced his induction into this prestigious and exclusive registry for executives, entrepreneurs and professionals recognized for dedication, leadership, and excellence for Dr. Gordon’s contributions to advancements in the field of plastic surgery.

Recently, Sony Pictures Television defined Dr. Gordon as one of the most prominent “experts in revision facial plastic surgery,” and he has been sought after to be featured for his extraordinary skill in their upcoming television series “The Revisionists.”

For over a decade, Dr. Gordon has been invited to present his specialized techniques, outcomes and concepts at numerous national and international academic conferences including the annual conferences of the AMERICAN ACADEMY OF FACIAL PLASTIC AND RECONSTRUCTIVE SURGERY, Rejuvenation Of The Aging Face, The Multispecialty Aesthetic Conference, The International Symposium of Facial Plastic Surgery and many others. He has been honored to present the prestigious MASTER’S SEMINAR multiple times, on topics such as ‘REVISION RHYTIDECTOMY’ (facelifts), My Approach To Brow Lifting, and “DEEP PLANE RHYTIDECTOMY: Nuances and Modifications- a 17 year experience.” He has again committed to present in the Fall of 2013 and Winter of 2014.

He is the founding Chairman of the critically important Committee on Patient Safety and Accreditation for The American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and remains Senior Advisor to the current Chairman. In 2012, Dr. Gordon was identified as a respected national leader in facial plastic surgery and accepted the mantle of Co-Chair of the Leadership Committee and has helped spear-head the national campaign for the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery’s Educational and Research Foundation: Many Faces of Generosity.

Dr. Gordon has written and lectured extensively on current concepts in facial plastic surgery and is recognized for his expertise in the most sophisticated techniques in face lifting, eye and brow lifting, and nose surgery. He appears frequently on television and in print media to discuss and educate the public on facial plastic surgery. His recent book, “Your Complete Guide To Facial Rejuvenation,” is currently available nationally and he will be contributing his unique perspective on deep-plane rhytidectomy and Mid-face rhytidectomy in the academic literature in the book “Clinics Of Plastic Surgery” and the journal “Facial Plastic Surgery,” which is the academic arm of the European Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.

Once again, Dr. Gordon was invited to participate in the “Plastic Surgery Think Tank” in Miami with a select group of 12 facial plastic surgeons and plastic surgeons, as well as business executives, all recognized nationally to be the most successful influencers, to discuss and exchange ideas regarding the future of the field. This follows Dr. Gordon’s past participation in Medicis’, the manufacturer of Restylane, own “Plastic Surgery Think Tank” and his invitation to participate in the “Plastic Surgery Think Tank” in Las Vegas at The Multispecialty Aesthetic Conference.

Dr. Gordon was recently honored by City of Hope National Medical Center with The Spirit of Life Award for his philanthropic support of the organization. City of Hope is one of the world’s leading research and treatment centers for cancer, diabetes, and other life threatening diseases. Dr. Gordon also contributes his time and energy to Soldiers for the Truth Foundation. This charity is dedicated to inform the public, Congress and the media on issues related to the training, readiness, equipment and leadership of the United States Armed Forces. He has also been recognized by Brandeis University for his efforts to raise awareness and financial support for this great institution.

Ultimately, Dr. Gordon is recognized for his unique abilities to define the issues that motivate people from across the globe who seek him out for his consistent outcomes that match or exceed the expectations of his patients. In his own words, “where rhinoplasty is the art of altering a facial feature to bring out the beauty in a face that may be hidden, facial rejuvenation is the art of returning our look to exactly what it has been in past.” ‘Reverse my changes, don’t change me,” and “If it looks like I had it, I don’t want it,” are the common thoughts expressed by his patients.

The art and science of facial rejuvenation has undergone an evolution. Patients seeking facial rejuvenation no longer need to sacrifice their identity or “look done” when reversing the signs of aging. Most important of these advances is the revolutionary facelift technique, the DEEP PLANE FACELIFT. Dr. Gordon has been a leader in the use of this technique and his patients consistently reap the benefits and the results of a natural looking, youthful appearance that remains remarkably long lasting.

More on the deep plane facelift

Taking the Deep-Plane Facelift To Its Highest Level

Clearly the Deep –Plane facelift is a superior procedure, but amongst the elite surgeons that can perform the deep-plane facelift, Dr. Gordon stands out.

Dr. Gordon was one of the early pioneers’ in the technique and the first fellowship trained, facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon to specialize in the deep-plane facelift in New York City.  Throughout his career Dr. Gordon has been recognized as an international expert in deep-plane facelifting as evidenced by his academic appointment as Director, Head and Neck Aesthetic Surgery in the Section of Otolaryngology at Yale School of Medicine, as well as recognition through invitations to give prestigious academic lectures, contributions to the medical literature and the training of international surgeons.

Beginning in 1996, Dr. Gordon, has been annually invited to lecture at both national and international academic conferences on deep-plane facelifting.  Specifically, lectures have focused on adaptations, modifications and nuances of the technique in applying the procedure to different face types for specific goals, and in the techniques’ preferred use in revision or redo-facelifts.

As a recognized international expert on the nuances of deep-plane facelifting, Dr. Gordon was invited to be a contributing author in multiple academic books and published the modifications of the deep-plane technique for the treatment of the neck in the publication Clinics of Facial Plastic Surgery, modifications for treatment of the mid-face in Clinics of Plastic Surgery, and wrote the content for deep-plane technique in a special monograph edition on Facelifting published by the European Academy for Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.

Most recently, Dr. Gordon was invited to author the contrarian chapter in a book on Volume Loss and was recognized for his work titled, “The Illusion of Volume Loss” , where he definitively shows how the majority of facial aging is not due to volume loss and how deep-plane facelifting reverses facial aging changes in an anatomically correct manner, creating natural appearing and long lasting results.

In addition to his role as Coordinator of Residency Education in Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery in the training of surgical residents at Yale School of Medicine (Dr. Gordon always performs all procedures), surgeons from 5 continents have traveled to observed Dr. Gordon perform deep-plane facelifts and he is credited with the expansion of the technique in the United States, Europe and Australia.

Dr. Gordon also utilizes the DEEP PLANE FACELIFT technique to revise previously performed facelifts. Because the Deep Plane Facelift technique does not require the skin to be pulled for a desired result, it is the preferred technique to revise any prior face lift, whether the initial outcome was desired or suboptimal. The importance here is that having one’s skin pulled is the reason for the unwanted “over-done” or “plastic look” after a facelift. The deep plane procedure avoids this. Dr. Gordon has acquired a national reputation as the expert in not only primary, or first facelifts, but also revision procedures and was recently featured in “W Magazine” (The Movie Issue, February 2011) and noted as a “revisionist who is widely admired for his ability to restore a soft and natural look to an overstretched face and over pulled brows.”

In addition to his formal training and medical accolades, Dr. Gordon takes great pride and care in the human side of his practice. He invests an immense amount of time and energy to ensure that his patients approach facial plastic surgery with healthy attitudes and appropriate expectations. He strongly believes that a patient’s care begins with the educational process during the consultation and continues after a procedure, where his constant presence not only ensures proper healing, but provides the emotional support and comfort necessary to minimize the recovery process. This allows Dr. Gordon’s patients to consistently achieve the very best results.

His belief in the mind, body, and soul’s influence on healing led directly to Dr. Gordon’s creation of the most unique environment for the entire process of plastic surgery, The Retreat at Split Rock. At The Retreat at Split Rock, his commitment to an individual’s total well-being, outer beauty in harmony with inner peace, is fulfilled.

Dr. Gordon receives patients for consults in New York City at his Fifth Avenue office, as well as his offices in Greenwich and The Retreat at Split Rock in Wilton, Connecticut. The adjacency of Dr. Gordon’s offices to the New York Metro area provides easy access for his patients from all over the world.

Created by Dr. Neil A. Gordon, and located in the hamlet of Wilton, Connecticut, The Retreat at Split Rock offers guests a unique environment and is home to Dr. Gordon’s state licensed, state of the art, fully accredited surgical center, New England Surgical Center, where he serves as Medical Director. The adjoining Inn and Aesthetic Institute all were created to provide the ultimate in aesthetic rejuvenation, safety, luxury, comfort and privacy.

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